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Certified Home Inspection, LLC proudly performs home inspection services in the Charlotte, Cornelius, Davidson, Huntersville, Lake Norman, Mooresville, Denver and other surrounding areas.  

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Single Family Home just 395

  under 2500 Square feet on slab

Single Family Home just 445

  Between 2600-3600 Square feet 

Single Family Home just 495

  Between 3700-5000 Square feet 

Crawlspace Inspection...................................................50

Pest (termite) Inspection.............................................100

Well Flow Test, Gallons Per Minute (GPM)....200
  Included with any Well Purity Test 

  when scheduled with a home inspection

Multi Family or
  Commercial Building Inspection........................495 & up
  Call or text for a quote

Radon Testing.......................................................................175
  Only 225 when scheduled without a home inspection

Water Purity Test (bacteria).......................................150

FHA/VA Water Purity Test Coliform (bacteria), Lead, 
   Nitrites and Nitrates.....................................................225

Dock Inspection ...............................................................150

   Only 175 when scheduled without a home inspection

Mold Assessment............................................................200

Post Mitigation Assessment...................................200

Mold Testing........................................................................375 and up
  swab sampling and/or air sampling available

Septic Dye Test....................................................................75

Our  pricing is very competitive. However, don’t just choose the lowest priced home inspector and trust your biggest purchase of a lifetime to a home inspector with less experience. If you’re purchasing a home or a  building, you want to get an inspection from a trusted, experienced,  licensed, certified and insured inspector. Our service is simply the  best, let our knowledge, training and experience protect your American  dream.

Call us today at 704-709-5300 with any questions.

Reviews from Clients  |  5.0 ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ (89) reviews


Reviewed by Megan Himmel
Category: Home Inspection
Chris  was awesome! He answered all my crazy questions, being a first time  home buyer and all. Very helpful and would highly recommend. Thank you  for everything Chris!

Reviewed by Tom Rein
Category: Home Inspection
My  wife and I were recommended to Chris for our home inspection by our  real estate agent. Chris arrived early to our appointment and  immediately checked the outside of the house. After we got started I  followed him around and asked a bunch of questions, which Chris  encouraged. He also brought up a bunch of things that I have not noticed  before and made plenty of recommendations. His report was detailed with  pictures and recommendations, and ultimately the sale fell through  based on his findings of a few major issues (electrical and pest). Had  these problems not been discovered we would've been buying a house that  was not insurable and potentially a fire hazard. We plan on using Chris  again for the next house we look at, and would recommend him.


Reviewed by Vincent Nichtern
Category: Home Inspection
Chris  was very helpful and informative. His inspection lead to my fiancé and I  finding out there was much larger structural issues to a house then we  had expected that would have cost us tens of thousands of dollars to  fix.

Reviewed by: Ben Goldberg
Category: Home Inspection
Chris  has done two home inspections for us during the past few months. He was  extremely thorough, knowledgeable, and clear about what he was finding  as we went through each house. We found his expertise to be invaluable,  and we would highly recommend his services to anyone considering the  purchase of a home or commercial structure.

Reviewed by: Deana Perlee
Category: Home Inspection
Chris is efficient, knowledgeable, and very helpful. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a home inspector.

Reviewed by: Steven Grzeskowiak
Category: Home Inspection
Chris was very knowledgeable and thorough. Overall he is excellent.


Reviewed by: Amanda Lolik
Category: Home Inspection
We  had an excellent experience utilizing Chris as our home inspector for  our upcoming purchase. He was completely thorough and explained things  extremely well in ways that both my husband and myself understood. In  addition, he found mold in the attic, and given that he was a Mold  Assessor, it saved us an additional step of having an additional party  go in afterwards. On top of how excellent he was as an inspector, he was  fantastic with my 3.5 year old son. He asked if he would like to be his  big helper and let him "help" when he wanted. We had a great experience  and I have personally recommended him to several friends and family  recently.


Reviewed by: Elizabeth Suppies
Category: Home Inspection

Chris  is an excellent home inspector with great attention to detail! Chris  was a pleasure to work with when we recently needed a home inspection to  purchase our forever home. Chris was extremely knowledgeable,  accommodating, professional and very well organized. Chris really knew  his stuff, he was thorough, he spent a great deal of time with us and  answered the many questions we had. Chris also provided us with an  incredibly helpful inspection report, that same day. As we were making  one of the largest purchases in our lives, Chris gave us honest feedback  to allow us to make an informed decision. I would highly recommend him  to anyone in need of a home inspection. Chris is truly outstanding at  his job, he really cares about his clients and he truly looks out for  his client's best interests.


Reviewed by: Jennifer Gerken
Category: Home Inspection
Excellent customer service and attention to detail, quick in getting inspection results back to you! Highly recommend

Reviewed by: Christine Northrup
Category: Home Inspection
Excellent service and attention to detail. Very helpful answering questions. I highly recommend him!

Reviewed by: James Whalen
Category: Home Inspection
Chris  did an excellent and thorough job. I would highly recommend his  service. Very knowledgeable and is thorough with his explanations and  findings.

Reviewed by: John Snyder
Category: Home Inspection
Chris  recently performed one of the most detailed and thorough inspections I  had ever needed. Very courteous and professional, he walked me through  each area of the house and property explaining exactly what would be in  his report. I had a structural inspection with radon test, well flow and  water analysis. Chris also provided expert advice on some of the  aspects of repairs that should be addressed immediately and other things  that may be a concern in the future.. I would highly recommend Chris.


Reviewed by: Michelle Mora
Category: Home Inspection
I  chose Chris because of his amazing reviews online (I found him on  Angie's List). The fact that people are willing to take time to write a  GOOD review says something about his work ethic and professionalism. I  was so nervous going into this inspection - Chris was kind and reassured  me that he would take VERY good care of us and our potential home.  During the inspection, we learned a lot about our new home and felt  comfortable after the inspection. Chris will not only inspect your home  but also educate you on important items to look out for. It was an  absolute pleasure - I couldn't be happier. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND CHRIS:)


Reviewed by: Amy Briamonte
Category: Home Inspection

Chris  is awesome. He shows up 100% engaged, his knowledge is both broad and  deep and he's a great communicator -- not only does he thoroughly  explain issues, but he explains attainable solutions as well. Highly  recommend.


Reviewed by: Pat Gibson
Category: Pre-Inspection
Chris was excellent!! Worth every penny. He provided a full report and then reviewed the items we should consider repairing.

Reviewed by: Charlotte White
Category: Home Inspection

Chris  did an inspection on a condo I was interested in purchasing. He was  prompt in responding to my initial request, personable, punctual and  thorough. I appreciated his detailed report and explanations of  recommended suggestions.


Reviewed by: John H.
Category: Home Inspection
Chris  was responsive, on time and was “as advertised”. It is nice to find  someone who does what he says. His report was very useful and I hghly  recommend his services. .

Reviewed by: Kathryn Cooke
Category: Home Inspection
Chris  did an absolutely fabulous job on our home inspection. This is our  second home buying experience and by far his inspection report was much  more comprehensive than our first inspector. Chris was very easy to  schedule with and took almost two hours to complete his inspection. We  received it a few days later and was extremely detailed and thorough.  Could not have asked for a better experience!! Highly recommend Chris to  anyone looking to have a home inspection!

Reviewed by: Karl LaWare
Category: Home Inspection

Chris  was very professional. He did an excellent job inspecting a home in  South Colonie that I'm interested in. He was very thorough and gave us  some great advice. He answered every question my mom and i asked him  with no hesitation. Very down to earth guy and we had quite a few  laughs. Thanks again Chris!


Reviewed by: Derrick Gardner
Category: Home Inspection
Chris  did an excellent job on my home inspections. He was very thorough and  made sure he spent the time, so he would not overlook anything. With any  issue he found he made sure I understand and answered any questions I  had. Along with informing me of these issues he also told me how I could  fix them as well as where to get the material I would need to fix them.  Great inspector would highly recommend to anyone. Very nice and  professional.

Reviewed by: Anne-Marie FitzGerald
Category: Home Inspection
I  contacted Chris on a recommendation from a friend, what a great  recommendation. Like earlier reviews...he arrived early, and had already  been up on the roof by the time I arrived at the house. His work ethic  is as impressive as his knowledge of home construction: foundation,  electrical, heating, roofing, ventilation, landscape! Chris addressed  all the questions, and then some, I had about the property. He did a  great job walking me through what he found, prioritizing items that  needed attention and had several recommendations as to professionals who  could address issues (roofing, masonry, etc.). "He clearly knows what  he is talking about and doesn't sugarcoat potential issues or things to  be aware of - but also doesn't "oversell" what could be an issue"  (totally agree). Chris was timely in getting the final report to me and  has been responsive to questions I had in follow up. I would totally  recommend Chris to anyone looking for a home inspector.


Reviewed by Corinne Vahanian 

Category: Home Inspection
Christopher,  your home inspection report is extraordinarily well done. It is a  detailed, comprehensive document that is even better than we had  expected. Your emphasis on service, detail and above all, spirit of  being true to your promise of delivering beyond expectations is simply  right there in every observation you have provided. In the words of  Robert De Niro “you’re good. No, you’re very good.“ And you should be  proud of yourself. You also would be well served to charge more than you  do. We feel we have received great value and we will gladly recommend  your services.


Reviewed by: Farhad Muradi
Category: Home Inspection
Highly  recommended. I’m in the process of buying my first house. My agent and I  contacted Chris for our inspection. He will give you a lots of tips and  recommendations wherever need to be done. He’s great, you won’t regret  it.

Reviewed by: Sue Ivanauskas
Category: Home Inspection

Chris  did a thorough house inspection. He did a great job explaining and  prioritizing the issues. He's very knowledgeable. He advised us that our  mold remediation estimate was inadequate. Thanks Chris!

Reviewed by: Montgomery Yurchison
Category: Home Inspection
We  were very happy with the response, professionalism and quality of work  performed by Chris and highly recommend him. We purchased a new home and  the offering was dependent on a satisfactory inspection within 7 days.  We wanted to keep it honest and therefore not use a home inspector  recommended by the realtors. I called Chris on Friday morning, knowing  that contractually we had to have the inspection completed by Monday  morning and that we were only available to join him on Saturday morning.  Chris's schedule for Saturday was fully booked but after hearing and  understanding our circumstances he juggeld his schedule to make  arrangements for us. Chris arrived on time and did a through inspection  allowing me to join him when appropriate. At the end of the inspection  he met with us to give us a verbal draft of his findings so that we knew  what his findings were prior to waiting on the written report. His  written report was on time and thorough, no different than the verbal  draft. In addition he was not able to fully inspect the roof due to the  recent snow storm. He followed through on the roof inspection after the  snow cleared and sent us a written report with pictures. Job well done!!

Reviewed by: Mary-Ann Muth
Category: Home Inspection
Chris was very professional, explained all the services and answered all my questions.

Reviewed by: Justin Grassi
Category: Home Inspection

I  have worked with Chris on several property purchases. Chris immediately  responds to inquiries and even though he likely has many clients, you  feel as though you are his only one. He is also usually able to schedule  a time to inspect your property with notice of a week or so. His prices  are more than competitive and his normal inspection includes many  things other inspectors charge more to perform. He certainly has a lot  of experience in this field and thoroughly examines all aspects of a  building. I have always had a great experience and will continue to work  with him.


Reviewed by: Alyssa and Kyle
Category: Home Inspection

My  fiancé and I had a great experience working with Chris on our home  inspection. We are first-time home buyers. Chris was already at the home  when we arrived and we jumped right into discussing the inspection  process and items of interest on the outside of the home. The inspection  was thorough and Chris was extremely knowledgeable. He explained the  problems he found as he was inspecting the electrical panel, steam  boiler, water heater, etc, and answered all questions we had. The report  was detailed and digestible. He's also a mold assessor! Provided mold  report upon request. Thanks Chris!

Reviewed by: Ricky Jones
Category: Home Inspection
We  contacted Chris with short notice for a home inspection and he was more  than willing to rearrange his schedule to fit us in. He is also a mold  assessor and had the radon machine witch made it much easier on us so we  didn’t have to call multiple inspectors in I would highly recommend him  very personable and friendly easy to work with


Reviewed by: Priscilla Westfall

Category: Home Inspection

Chris  Iula is talented, professional, and he made himself available  immediately. He is knowledgeable, calm, empathetic, and contacted me  back promptly when I had any questions. I was never left hanging and my  concerns were important to him. I have hired him more than once to  inspect my properties and I will continue to do so!

Reviewed by: Karen Smith
Category: Home Inspection
Chris  came highly recommended by my realtor and for good reason. He was  extremely thorough, took extra time to explain things in an easy to  understand manner, was patient with my questions and made me feel very  reassured through his comprehensive inspection. He is very efficient and  professional I confidently recommend Chris for your home inspection!


Reviewed by: Katie Cotter
Category: Home Inspection

I  found Chris though his great reviews online. He was able to accommodate  our preferred date and time on short notice. He takes appointments via  text which is so easy and convenient.. and he is quick to respond. He  was great with the inspection and answered all of our questions. We were  so happy! Our realtor must have been impressed too because she asked  for his information. Thanks again Chris!

Reviewed by: Mike Metzger 

Category: Home Inspection
Chris  performed my home inspection last month. Being a first-time home buyer  can be daunting, but Chris was a consummate professional who provided a  thoroughly detailed inspection report that not only put my wife and I at  ease, but saved us several thousand dollars in the form of credits from  the seller.

My father-in-law is an architect and  civil engineer (and hard to please), yet he said Chris's inspection  report was one of the most comprehensive he has ever seen. Chris also  gave me some personal advice on owning a multi-family home, which was  helpful and very much appreciated.

Reviewed by: Kelly Brown
Category: Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Chris  provided me with a walk thru inspection report for a home I intend to  sell. He did not leave a stone unturned and provided a timely complete  report of all of the potential issues with the home. I felt he was  professional, friendly and very communicative during the inspection. All  of our questions were answered in a thoughtful manner and he managed to  get in the basement, in our attic and on the roof for the full two  hours of the inspection. I would highly recommend Chris for anyone  needing a home inspection done.


Reviewed by: Josh Grassi  

Category: Home Inspection

Chris  was recommended to me from my brother, who happens to be a lawyer. I  was buying my first 2 family and really needed someone I could trust to  go through thoroughly to help protect my investment, and inspect the  home. Not only did he do that, but he also took the time to explain to  me everything. In the end, his report not only helped protect my  investment, but also saved me money. I even had a question a week or so  after all was said and done. Chris did not hesitate to help me out once  again. He definitely has all the knowledge and equipment to get the job  done. I would recommend him to everyone. Thanks again Chris.


Reviewed by: Jason Laz 

Category: Home Inspection

My  wife and I contacted Chris after a recommendation from a good buddy of  mine, and we couldn't be happier with our experience. Chris did our home  inspection (including termites/pests), radon test, water flow and water  purity tests. He was incredibly responsive over email regarding pricing  and scheduling, and he seemed to genuinely care about our experience  with him rather than appearing to only want the business like some other  inspectors we contacts. The day of the inspection, he arrived early,  and had already been up on the roof by the time we arrived at the house.  His work was incredibly thorough and he addressed all the questions we  had about the property. He did a great job explaining what he found and  what we should keep an eye on and offered to recommend professionals for  several areas we might need to fix some minor issues (roofing, masonry,  etc.). He clearly knows what he is talking about and doesn't sugarcoat  potential issues or things to be aware of - but also doesn't "oversell"  what could be an issue. The final report was delivered quickly and Chris  continued to be responsive as we communicated after the inspection was  completed. I would not hesitate to recommend Chris to anyone looking for  a home inspector. Was his quote for the work the cheapest we found? No -  but knowing he came as a trusted recommendation from a friend and after  working with him and seeing the level of detail he puts into his work,  it was worth every penny! If you're looking for a home inspector, give  Chris a call and you won't be disappointed!

Reviewed by Michael Giddings
Category: Home Inspection
Chris  is a top notch home inspector. Chris inspected our new home and did a  fantastic job. One of the things that makes him so likable is his  friendly and down to earth personality. My wife and I liked that Chris  was very knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions that you may  have. Chris also gets his final reports you in a very fast manor. I have  recommended Chris and will continue to recommenced Chris.

Reviewed by Claudia Ricci
Category: Mold Assessment
Chris  was very thorough, professional and prompt. I would hire him again!  During an unfortunate and stressful time, he held my hand every step of  the way. Chris Iula is talented, professional, and he made himself  available immediately. He is knowledgeable, calm, empathetic, and  contacted me back promptly when I had any questions. I was never left  hanging and my concerns were important to him. I have hired him more  than once to inspect my properties and I will continue to do so!


Reviewed by Adam Costello
Category: Home Inspection
Chris  inspected a house we had an offer accepted on. He replied immediately  to my voicemail and was able to get out to the house in short notice.  Phenomenal customer service, excellent quality work. I wouldn't go with  anyone else..

Reviewed by Stephen Sill
Category: Home Inspection
Our  realtor recommended Chris for our home inspection. He was very  knowledgeable, thorough and helpful. We would definitely use him again  and recommend him to our friends and family.

Reviewed by Amy Haley
Category: Home Inspection
Happily in our new home thanks to Chris’s help. Professional service done graciously.

Reviewed by Richard Mack
Category: Home Inspection
Super professional and accommodating! Higly Recommend!


Reviewed by: Martha May
Category: Home Inspection
Chris  was excellent to work with and very knowledgeable! As first-time home  buyers, he walked us through every step of the inspection and gave very  helpful tips for future home renovations. We highly recommend Chris for  inspections!


Reviewed by: Marissa Valent
Category: Home Inspection
My  fiancé and I used Chris to inspect our future home and he was great! He  was so thorough, knowledgeable and professional, and he did a great job  explaining all of the things in detail that you wouldn’t necessarily  think to look for when buying a house. I would highly recommend him!!!

Reviewed by: Christian Callaway
Category: Home Inspection
Chris  was absolutely wonderful, he answered all of questions and concerns  that we had on the spot. Next time that we need an Inspector, Chris will  be the one that we call.


Review by: Bob Havill
Category: Pre-Listing Inspection

Chris  did a pre home inspection for me. He was courteous, professional and  very informative. I highly recommend Chris if you are looking for a  quality home inspection.

Review by: Caroline Ebert
Category: Home Inspection
Chris  was great and very helpful. My other half and I are first time home  buyers and felt very happy to have an inspector to talk us through  everything as well as walked us through and answered any question we  had.


Review by: Tibisay Hernandez 

Category: Home Inspection

Chris  was awesome. I am so happy I read everyone’s reviews. He is  knowledgeable and easy to talk to. It was great that he didn’t find  anything wrong but I knew he was really looking. Truly worth the money!!  Chris was amazing he crawled through each section of the house looking  at every nook and cranny. He made us feel comfortable and answered all  our questions as we went along.

Review by: Jared Horton
Category: Home Inspection
Chris  was very thorough in his inspection. He explained things in a way that  was very easy to understand. He pointed out some things that i wouldn't  have noticed myself. I would recommend Chris to anyone purchasing a  home.

Reviewed by: Steve Candlen
Category: Home Inspection
Chris  was the deciding factor in choosing our current home. His insight and  keen eye helped us identify all the things that needed to be addressed.  We couldn’t have done it without him. I recommend him to all my home  buying friends. A+

Review by: David Reilly
Category: Home Inspection
Chris is very professional, friendly, and efficient. He takes the time to address questions or concerns, and he explains the process as he goes along. I highly recommend him without reservation. He is also reasonably priced.

Review by: Alton Brisport
Category: Home Inspection
We were quite pleased with his comprehensive review, informative approach, patience, professionalism and knowledge.

Review by: Maxine Brisport
Category: Home Inspection
We  are extremely pleased with the home inspection which was completed by  Chris. He was professional, yet friendly. Chris took the time to answer  all questions and listened keenly to our concerns. Chris was also very  transparent about what needed to be serviced, fixed or replaced. He  spoke in a manner that helped to reduce any concerns that we had  regarding issues with the home. Specifically, he was very communicative  and explained his findings and the steps we needed to take in a manner  that was easy to understand. Similarly, his written report was timely  and filled with detailed findings. I would recommend Chris to others who  are in need of a home inspection.

Review by: Maggie Moffre
Category: Home Inspection
I  had the extreme pleasure of meeting Chris as he was inspecting a home I  intend on purchasing. I was thrilled with his professionalism and  friendliness! He was extremely detailed and efficient, in the manner in  which he conducted the inspection. He provided me with valuable  information and took time to explain things to me. He even identified  maintenance that would need to be conducted routinely overtime. He went  above and beyond anything I expected and I would highly recommend Chris  to anyone!

Review by: Mike Mazzeo
Category: Home Inspection
Chris  conducted a very thorough inspection and provided me with a great deal  of insight into the house I am buying. He was happy to answer any  questions I had as we walked through the house and discussed various  options available to me in terms of minor fixes and upgrades. I would  strongly recommend him to anyone buying a home.

Review by: Kathryn Barber
Category: Home Inspection
He understood the entire negotiation situation between the seller and me. The report Chris wrote helped me get in a great position to make my buying decision.

Review by: Maggie Moffre
Category: Home Inspection
On  May 25th, 2017, I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Chris as he was  inspecting a home I intend on purchasing. I was thrilled with his  professionalism and friendliness! He was extremely detailed and  efficient, in the manner in which he conducted the inspection. He  provided me with valuable information and took time to explain things to  me. He even identified maintenance that would need to be conducted  routinely overtime. He went above and beyond anything I expected and I  would highly recommend Chris to anyone!


Review by: Jolene Wiltshire
Category: Home Inspection
I would recommend Chris to anyone. He is friendly easy to work with, very knowledgeable, professional and honest!

Reviewed by: Jim Spear
Category: Home Inspection
Recommended without reservation for inspection and for mold assessment.

Review by: Nirshad Abzal
Category: Home Inspection
Very good and professional done.

Review by: David Chiu
Category: Home Inspection
Chris did a great inspection job and explained everything thoroughly. He highlighted some potential
safety hazards and also made valuable recommendations on minor issues in a very detail inspection


Review by: Jim Paige
Category: Home Inspection

Chris did a more than excellent job. He didn't only inspect our home by the guidelines - he explained and recommended various detailed home particulars that only an expert would recognize. He did not cut a single corner, and he was worth every penny! I will  absolutely use Chris every time I need an inspection of my home or mold.  I know I can call Chris even after his services have been complete for  recommendations and that makes him priceless.

Review by: Victoria
Category: Mold Assessment

Christopher, was an absolute pleasure to meet. Professional and personable. He did a thorough job and was incredibly helpful.

Review by: Liz Chamberlain  
Category: Home Inspection

Chris was on time, very knowledgeable - yet also able to explain clearly what he was seeing. This is valuable for me as a first-time home buyer and someone with not a lot of knowledge of what to look for. He was friendly, professional, and made the process easy. He was honest  about some challenges the home may have, and referred me to a few people  for further information on necessary repairs.

Review by: Mary Buckley
Category: Home Inspection

Chris  was prompt, professional, thorough and explained everything very well.  The written report was very detailed. I highly recommend him.

Review by: Neil
Category: Home Inspection
Excellent. Chris was informative and knowledgable; he answered all questions and encougared us to get to know our new home. I honestly didn't know what to expect as a  first time home buyer; however, Chris went above and beyond and made use  feel excited about our purchase. I would highly recommend Chris for  your inspection regardless of it's your 1st or 20th one.

Review by: Sasha Phillips
Category: Home Inspection

Very detailed inspection, easy to understand overall condition of house.

Review by: Jan R.
Category: Mold Assessment

Chris  was very professional and thorough. He took his time and explained  everything that we needed to do to make our home safe and healthy. He  followed up with emails and suggestions and a written detailed account  of his findings and recommendations. I would highly recommend Chris.

Review by: Homeowner
Category: Home Inspection
Comments: Chris was very friendly and explained everything thoroughly. He made recommendations on minor issues for the future.

Review by: Donald M. 

Category: Home Inspection

Excellent Customer Service and High Quality Inspection.
Chris is Such a Pro and very friendly. He offered so many tips and provided so much guidance for us. He went above and beyond!


Review by Renee B. 

Category: Mold Assessment
Chris  was very thorough and professional. He explained every aspect of the  inspection and answered any questions we had. He made appropriate  recommendations. It was a pleasure to work with him.

Review by Linda Mattedi
Category: Mold Assessment and Testing
Hired  Chris as a mold assessor and found him to be honest and very  informative during an extremely stressful time. He took the time to  answer all my questions, which was very important as I knew nothing  about mold. Would definitely hire him again.


Review by: Nedim Alivodic
Category: Home Inspection

Chris was professional, knowledgeable and overall a huge help.


Review by: Greg H.
Category: Home Inspection
Chris  was extremely thorough. He explained everything he inspected and noted  things I should pay attention to, and made recommendations to me along  the way on even the most minor of issues.

Review by: Homeowner
Category: Mold Assessment
He  is very informed about the mold in the property. And explained  everything to us in a way we could understand. He was extremely helpful  in our home purchasing process.

Review by: Lisa C.
Category: Home Inspection
Chris  was pleasant to be around, he took his time explaining everything to me  (a fist time home buyer). Offered great insight on the property and was  very informative. I will absolutely recommend and use him again.

Review by: Homeowner
Category: Home Inspection
Very  informative and explained what he was looking at and explained in non  construction terms what it was for and what how to remediate the problem

Review by: Homeowner
Category: Home Inspection
He  was on time did a great job went through the whole home there were  thoroughly for the price it was a great deal was in contact with me  multiple times to go over the inspection I definitely recommend them

Reviewed by: Chuck Bolen
Category: Home Inspection

Chris was excellent. Very efficient and took the time to go over everything and explain things. Top notch!!!

Review by: Kevin B.
Category: Home Inspection
Nice guy, thorough, impartial.

Review by: Chase W.
Category: Home Inspection
Chris  was extremely knowledgeable and very friendly. He actually looked for  ways to save me money and walked me through how to inspect certain  things myself. I would strongly recommend Chris and will be using him  again in the future.

Review by: Linda A.
Category: Home Inspection
He  was very thorough. He explained things very well and I was comfortable  with the experience. I used him for inspection services before selling  my old home and I am using his services on my new home.

Review by: Laura A.
Category: Home Inspection and Mold Assessment
Chris  was great, very professional, he got in contact with us right away and  was able to meet with us right away, too (which was great as our home  inspection time frame was 10 days). He emailed us the reports and when  we were not able to find companies that specialized in the mold clean up  he was able to provide us with three companies and their contact  information very quickly. He was great in getting back to us and walked  us through the process. When the mold is cleaned up we will be calling  Chris to come back and reinspect the attic for us. We would recommend  him.


Review by: Linda A.
Category: Home Inspection

Selling  a home is stressful. I decided to have an inspection before putting it  on the market to avoid any surprises later. I'm glad I chose Chris The  Home Inspector. Chris immediately put me at ease with his friendly  demeanor. He was professional, very knowledgeable, and thorough. He also  answered my many questions and made suggestions for items that need  attention. I hope he will also be able to do the inspection on the  eventual home that I purchase.

Review by: Kerry Harrat Loiselle
Category: Home Inspection
Chris is very professional and efficient. I refer him to all my real estate buyers, and they love his honesty and advise.

Review by: Mark P.
Category: Home Inspection
Chris always does a terrific job for my clients! He is very thorough and knowledgeable.

Review by: Jodi S.  
Category: Home Inspection
Chris is honest and extremely reliable. I would recommend him without hesitation!


Review by: Gina G.
Category: Home Inspection

Chris  spent approximately one hour inspecting a home I am purchasing in the  Luther Forest neighborhood. He was extremely thorough and allowed my  father to accompany him throughout the inspection, detailing his  recommendations for improvements. He also provided a very detailed  report of his findings within 48 hours.

Review by: Natasha V.
Category: Home Inspection
Chris  was awesome, he walked us through the whole process and exampled  everything in detail. He also was very attentive to all of the concerns  we had. It was a great experience that put as at ease, thanks Chris,  you’re the best!! 

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